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We were moving fast, preparing a business plan, working on recipes, meeting and planning with no location in mind.  All of a sudden a location popped up, literally, right behind us.  The location was behind Mike and Charlie’s, on 38th Street, across the street from Seton Hospital.  A shopping center was being built with a Southwestern theme.  It was already under construction and about half way built.  The Lynn Storm family was building the shopping center.  They were looking for an anchor tenant, a restaurant to draw customers to the center.  We just happened to have our restaurant plan nearly completed.


It all came together.  I truly believe that it took numerous factors to make something special like Los Tres Bobos.  It first takes a lot of hard work but that’s not enough.  It took hard work, timing, luck and desire.  But more than all those combined, it was the employees who helped make it happen.


To all of you who worked at Los Tres Bobos during those fun times, I thank you for all you did to make it a special place for the customer.


To all the customers who visited Los Tres Bobos over the years and have continued to tell me, 30+ years later, that it was a great restaurant and one of the best memories of their time in college, or life in Austin in the 70’s and 80’s, I thank you.  You made it happen as well!


So, that’s how it all came to pass.  Los Tres Bobos Restaurant opened in September 1977 and closed in 1985 when we sold to Tres Amigos.  Mike had sold out to John and myself in 1978 and continued on his whirlwind restaurant adventures with Camellos,  Chuys, Shady Grove, Hula Hut and many more. Mike currently lives in Austin, Texas.  John and I built two more Los Tres Bobos. One in Calgary, Canada and another in Freeport, Texas,  two fast food Mexican restaurants, FF Taco & Sons and consulted on other restaurants projects for a few more years.  John has lived in Aspen, Colorado for over 12 years and continues to do restaurant consulting. I have lived in New York City for the past 20 years and own an environmental company.  My wife and I travel back to Austin every couple of months to hang out and visit family and friend. I constantly run into old friends, employees and customers who comment on how much they enjoyed that wonderful moment in time at Los Tres Bobos.  Then they usually ask me, what are you doing now?  I always tell them, I went from serving garbage to moving it!!! Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk...


Los Tres Bobos Lives!

Tom Stewart

                                                                College Days San Marcos 1972

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